How much does a wedding at Kress Pavilion cost?

The Kress is a blank canvas for you to build your dream wedding. Our rental is by the hour, with your rental time starting when you start setting up until you start taking down. An average wedding is 10 hours, which would be 8 hours minimum ($5,000 Friday/Saturday or $4,500 Sunday) + 2 additional event hours at $250/hour = $6,000 rental fee for Friday/Saturday, $5,500 for a Sunday.

What is an average wedding timeline?

An average 10-hour timeline would be:

2:00pm – Rental Begins & Event Set Up

4:00pm – Ceremony

4:30pm to 5:30pm – Cocktails & Appetizers

6:00pm to 7:30pm – Dinner, Toasts, Speeches

7:30pm – First Dances

8:00pm – Dancing Begins

10:45pm – Last Call

11:00pm – Reception to End

12:00am – Rental to End & Tear Down Complete

How much would a wedding for 120 costs at Kress Pavilion?

An average wedding on a Saturday in the middle of summer costs:
$6,000 rental cost (8-hour minimum + 2 additional hours)
$660 linens and bistro tables
$450 for dishes (dinner plate, dinner fork, salad plate, salad fork, knife)
$400 for glassware (water glasses, champagne flutes, old-fashioned glasses, wine glasses)

Because the Kress is completely customizable, this is merely an example. You can make this more or less when creating your plans for the big day!

How does payment work?

In order to reserve your wedding day, you pay the initial 8-hour minimum deposit.
6 months out, you pay the additional hours and entire building rental fee (if applicable)
The week of the event you pay for all the additional items you rented.

We will email you an invoice that you are able to pay online with a credit card or with a check.

I booked my wedding at Kress, what’s next?

Congratulations!  Around the 6-month mark to the wedding day, we will reach out to do a brief check in and discuss timeline and details after this time we will provide you an example floor plan to help in your planning. Then the months and weeks leading up to the event, we will continue to stay in touch and discuss the timeline, number of guests, floorplans, additional rentals, and any other details that come up. This typically includes a meeting about 6 weeks out to get a pretty strong plan, and then a week or two out we will do our final plans.

Since there is not a bar onsite, how does the bar work?

The bartenders must be provided either through your professional food caterer or a professional bar catering company.

Because we do not have a bar, you can bring in your own alcohol or it can be brought in through your Bar Caterer.

If you choose to provide your own alcohol, we do not allow kegs, and service is more efficient if you purchase standard-liter bottles of alcohol (not 1.75).

You cannot have a cash bar, but we do put out a tip jar for the bartenders.

What time does the event need to end?

Because we are located in the village, all events must end at 11PM with cleanup ending at midnight.

What if it rains?

If weather is looking bad a few weeks out, we will meet and discuss what we want to do for the rain plan. Some options include renting the downstairs space for your ceremony or cocktail hour and doing a room flip. This will require additional fees.

When can I drop off my décor?

Typically, a day or two prior to the event you can drop off your décor and store in the basement.

Who does my décor setup?

This job is designated to you, a family member or friend, or your event planner. Employees from the Kress do not do décor set up.

Can I have a ceremony there? Where?

You can certainly have your ceremony at the Kress Pavilion! This is included in your 8-hour minimum fee. If you are looking for a ceremony only, that is a $250/hr charge. Some common locations for the ceremony are on the porches, downstairs in the library space, up in the Great Hall, or even across the street at Peg Egan Amphitheater. Dependent on where you have your ceremony, we may need to do a chair move, or a room flip for the reception.

When can I do my ceremony rehearsal? Is there a charge?

There is no charge for a ceremony rehearsal.  You can do this a day or two before the event date, dependent on availability. We can confirm the time a month from your event date.

What caterers can I use?

The Kress Pavilion does not have a catering service on site. Check out the ‘vendor info’ tab for the list of approved caterers. If you are looking for a caterer who is not on that list already, please check with staff before booking. This is the same for bar catering. Whoever the caterer for the event is, they have exclusive use of the warming kitchen for prep. They are required to clean up when they are done.

Is there an elevator?

Yes, there is an elevator inside the building!

What is included in the rental fee?

The rental fee includes 8 hours in the rental space. It includes the use of 132 chairs, 12 60” round tables, 20 6’ banquet tables, the grand piano, sound system, presentation screen, wrap-around porch, and patio furniture.

Is there a get ready space?

There are 2 small conference room that you can use for final touches and storing some of your items. This is a $50 flat fee for whatever time during the day you would need the space. If you begin renting prior to the library closing, drinking alcohol must wait until the library has closed.

Can I do a sparkler send off?

You can on the outside of the lower level of the building. You are required to bring your own bucket of sand to extinguish the sparklers and you are required to clean it up in the end.

How many people does the Great Hall fit?

If you are doing a seated dinner the Great Hall can fit 120 people. If you are doing heavy appetizers, you can have about 150 people. If you have a buffet or a large band taking up floor space, then we suggest about 108 people

How much parking is available?

The parking lot has 38 spaces and there is public parking all along Church Street and Orchard Street as well.

Are there a Kress Pavilion staff member onsite during my event?

There will be a Kress Pavilion staff member on site to monitor the facility, but they are not to function as a wedding planner.

What is the refund policy?

If the cancellation is made at least 9 months out, you will receive 100% of your deposit back, less a $10 processing fee.  If the cancellation is made after 9 months but before 6 months, you will receive 50% of your deposit back, less a $10 processing fee. If the cancellation is made 6 months or after, there is no refund.

Can we have a band or DJ?

Yes, you can have a band or a DJ! You can also have live music for the ceremony or use the Grand Piano in the Great Hall!

How far in advance can I book?

You are able to book 24 months in advance.

Can I play a slideshow?

You have exclusive use of the presentation screen where you can play a slideshow, video, single photo, or monogram, or even karaoke! The screen functions like a big computer monitor so you can play something off your email or off the internet or bring in a flash drive.

What’s the sound system like?

The sound system can be through a DJ, Band, or through the in-house sound. We have speakers that carry out through the Great Hall, porches, and down into the library spaces. You can plug in a phone or a laptop or pull something off of the computer. This also connects to our wireless, wired, and lapel microphones.